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I give private professional guitar / bass lessons at Pete's Music Center in Yuba City, CA. The lesson's are 30 minutes long and once a week. One on one - This is the best way for the student to get the most out of the lesson. We work on technique, theory, sight-reading, and musicianship. It is very important in the beginning of learning any instrument to find a good teacher, not to develop  any bad habits. They become obstacles to your progress and are hard to break later on down the road. Below, I recently received an email from a former student of mine.

Hello Pete (Owner of Pete's Music Center),                      1-22-2013

   I came across your site while searching for Chris Bautista, a guitar instructor 

I took lessons under while in high school. You have not only a talented virtuoso and 

teacher, but also a great, easy going guy. I took lessons from other musicians in the 

islands, some quite prominent in their chosen genre, but Chris taught me what I really 

needed to understand in order to further my development. I use much of what he taught

 me over 20 years ago whenever I perform! I’m sure he strives to provide the same 

high quality instruction to his current students. I only wished he stayed in 

Hawaii—I would definitely have continued under his tutelage.

Warm Regards,


2019 Teaching Schedule

When:  Wednesday:  1:00pm - 8pm                      Where: Pete's Music Center

               Thursday:   2:00pm - 8pm                          425 Teegarden Ave

                Friday:     2:00pm - 7:30pm                        Yuba City, CA 95962

                Saturday:   9:00am - 2:30pm                     Phone # 530-673-0526



info & appointments: call 530-434-4263 or  email -